I am a mid-20s girl from the eastern shore of Maryland, born and raised. Growing up on the shore has consisted of the simple things and long car rides to get to big events. Living close to a beach town has had it’s perks like knowing the spots that you won’t find on the tourist guides.

So did I get away to go to school? No, I went to a small town university that was conveniently located within 10miles of my house. There are great advantages with going to a small school and saving some money at the same time. Luckily I had a few amazing mentor teachers and have gained life long friendships that I hope will always travel with me. I graduated in 2015 with a bachelor’s in Music Education and my instrument focus was in percussion. The marimba is my bread and butter and I wish I had the money to own a 5 octave rosewood and the home to show it off in just like people do with a grand piano. A girl can dream.

After graduating I was hired to teach music at a local elementary school with Kindergarten through 4th graders. Some days are great and others I seriously wonder how I made it out alive.

Two weeks into my first year of teaching I met that handsome fellow in the picture, Kevin, and we fell madly in love. We did the long distance madness for almost a year and then decided to move in together. Maybe one day this blog will turn into how we renovated a VW bus to travel across country in to follow our favorite bands and finally settle down to homestead somewhere in the mountains.

But for now it’s about making the move to Richmond, VA and posting about my life along the way.