Richmond Update

One month and three days ago Kevin and I completely moved into our apartment in the cozy neighborhood of Church Hill on the East end of Richmond. In this post, hopefully, I can share with you a few things that have been going on in my personal life, my view of our neighborhood thus far, and what’s next. The “what’s next?” will probably always be a topic of mine and it has been a frequent question amongst my friends and family. So here it goes…

Front porch love

Things I love about our house/neighborhood:

1. Hardwood floors

Being able to walk barefoot is one of my favorite past times. Feeling the ground under your feet is an instant form of relaxation for me. It makes me present in the moment and when you stop to think about it you can really judge a place based on how the earth feels. I know it might not make sense but there’s an obvious difference between walking with dirt between your toes and the sharp pains of rocks beneath your feet.

2. The People

Last week I started picking up some shifts at a local coffee shop during my job search and the people in this neighborhood are unbelievable. I have worked food service and retail for the last ten years and this just amazes me. Now you might be saying, “Meghan you’ve only worked on the eastern shore that’s why” but there is something about these people. It’s hard to pin point exactly what it is but just the overall friendliness of the community has been great. I live in a fairly large city and even still my community knows that I’m the new person on the block. Every day it’s, “Hi, how’s it going?” “What’s your name?” and just straight up, “Are you new here?” And that’s another thing, I’m not meeting these people at Wal-Mart or the movie theater these are people walking…WALKING down the street. People outside…OUTSIDE doing yard work. There are sidewalks everywhere, kids walking to school, bikes everywhere, and it’s just a city.

3. Quiet side

Yes, we live in the city but my mom said it perfectly, “I felt like I was asleep somewhere in the country.” I am fortunate that our street is quiet and most of the traffic in our neighborhood does not run in front of our house. We thought about living in Carytown or in The Fan district but another prime example of why we made the right decision happened last night. We took our time getting to dinner last night and we had to drive around the block a few times to find street parking for dinner. After having yet another wonderful dinner at Kuba Kuba we were walking back and there were at least 20 guys dressed up coming out of a nearby house all trying to cross the street together. At my old age of 25 years old, I do not want to immerse myself in the college living/party scene especially when I didn’t even enjoy it as a college student. So yes I will gladly take my 10-minute drive to the opposite end of town and feel like I am in my personal oasis.

All packed and ready to go!
Making the drive over
What you do when the power goes out
Libby Hill Park

What’s next?!

Feel free to comment with direct questions you might have either about what I have posted or just something you want to ask about the move. Some ideas I have for some stuff coming up are Pinterest Hacks that have been great and others that were a huge bust. Kevin and I have done some sight-seeing and have gone to some events that were truly refreshing.


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